Discover the best boutique hotel in Panama City

There are many hotels in Panama that claim to be boutique hotels but are not really. Find out how Casa Antigua Hotel really is a boutique hotel in Panama City.

Defining Characteristics of a Boutique Hotel in Panama City

It is small. Casa Antigua Hotel only has 9 rooms.

It has a strong personality. Hotel’s intimate size produces its one-on-one five-star hospitality service and its heady ambiance.

Casa Antigua Hotel strives to be one-of-a-kind. An independant hotel with an independent attitude that works hard to not feel like a corporate hotel.

Casa Antigua Hotel clientele are individualistic as well, appealing to guests who shy away from cookie-cutter décor and business hotels.

Casa Antigua Hotel has a contemporary vibe and a quirky, modern spirit, without fussy, glitzy furnishings are not boutique-hotel hallmarks and will surprise and delight guests with its nice touches.


Casa Antigua Hotel is rich in local flavor located in the best area of Panama City and its spirited ambiance suits its lively location.

The hotel simply has the best location in Casco Viejo. Situated at the entrance to old town for easy access to the main road arteries and the Cinta Costera.

Casa Antigua Hotel reminds you exactly of where you are as soon as you look out of the window and it conveys a strong sense of place and pride in its location’s heritage.

Food and Drink

Grapes Restaurant and Bar

Casa Antigua Hotel does have a restaurant Bar inside the building but Grapes Restaurant and Bar, with the same owners, is located across the street.

Grapes Restaurant and Bar is one of the best restaurant / bars in the whole of Panama City and draws a city-wide crowd.

This sophisticated restaurant comes to delight its customers with an award-winning international culinary vanguard, repeatedly awarded consecutively with the Certificate of Excellence Awards from TripAdvisor. All this in an intimate and elegant atmosphere characterized by its original walls, French doors and arches that create an atmosphere of style and good taste where you can enjoy the excellent menu and wine list.

Pips Terrace Cafe & Gastro Pub

Capturing the essence of Panama City’s pulse-quickening tropical vibe, Pips Terrace Cafe & Gastro Pub is all things to all people.

By day, guests of all ages gather beneath broad umbrellas to enjoy fresh salads, pizzas and perfectly cooked burgers on Pips Café’s sunny terraced sidewalk. By night, the atmosphere shifts into high gear, as stylish young crowds spill from the cafe’s broad French doors, enjoying music, sipping cocktails and dancing in the streets.

It’s friendly to four-legged travelers: Boutique hotels tend to have fewer rules and restrictions than bigger, more conventional hotels. Many, perhaps most, boutique hotels are very pet-friendly, welcoming your furry friend.

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