How to transfer from Tocumen Airport to Casco Viejo Panama

Most of the international flights into Panama City arrive at Tocumen Airport which is located 21 km from Panama City. A transfer from Tocumen Airport is easy.

This guide is specifically about arrival and departure has a separate guide.

Arriving at Tocumen Airport

Arrival Time

The key consideration here is the arrival time. Tocumen Airport is connected to Panama City by a highway named Corredor Sur.

Unfortunately thousands of Panamanians use this highway in the mornings to go to work in Panama City, so from 6-9am Monday to Saturday the Corredor Sur gets very crowded. So rather than the 30 minutes it will take for the transfer from Tocumen Airport to Casco Viejo during the rest of the day it could take upto 2 hours.

Many flights from South America land at Tocumen Airport at this time so if you have any connecting flights (at Panama Pacifico or Albroook airports) or tours booked on the morning of your arrival please build this possible delay into your plans.

Transfer from Tocumen Airport Options

Airport Taxi – Cost $30

There is a sort of regulated taxi service costing $30 from the airport to Panama City but this service has some problems:

  • Often it is not clear if you are being taken to a regular taxi or some non-authorized driver who is just making some extra money and could end up charging you a higher amount or causing some other problems
  • The taxi drivers drive like crazy along the highway to get back to the airport for the next fare. We have been in these taxis when they have been tail-gating through the tolls to avoid paying the taxes

Uber – $12 – $30

Uber is not allowed to operate directly from the arrivals section of the terminal so will direct you to an area of the airport car park about 5 minutes from the terminal to collect you.

Of course, you will need Data to be able to contact Uber.

The cost could be as low as $12 during quiet times but as much as a regular taxi during busy times.

Also, during busy times there can be a very long wait for Uber and last-minute cancellations by the Uber driver.

Chauffeur Service – About $40

The Chauffeur Service will be waiting for you with a Name Card at arrivals and take you and your luggage directly to your car and then straight to your hotel.

Often the car will have WIFI and bottled water.

So, if you are looking for convenience the Chauffeur Service will be the better but more expensive option.

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