The most trendy Rooftop Bar in Casco Viejo Panama

We all love a good rooftop bar–with the breeze, the booze and that picture-perfect sunset glow that renders Instagram filters functionless. Our rooftop bar in Casco Viejo Panama has the best bay view.

Casco Viejo in Panama City is arguably one of the best cities in the world when it comes to rooftop bars and terraces. You can find luxurious, relaxed, party going, fancy and cozy rooftop bars in every part of old town. But nothing ruins a night out with some sweet summer drinks in Panama like an obnoxious crowd,

What better place to relieve the stick heat than in a rooftop bar in Casco Viejo?

Amazing Views

In the old town of Casco Viejo, there are plenty to choose from and they are so close together that you can look out and see what is happening at the nearby bars.

The views are amazing of the historical old town, skyscrapers in the new town and the giant ships in the Pay of Panama waiting the transit the Panama Canal.

The problem is with most of the rooftop bars is that they don’t come cheap but there is one roof top bar in Casco Viejo where sky-high views don’t necessarily mean sky-high bar tabs.

StorX – the affordable rooftop bar in Casco Viejo Panama

Storx is ideal for a casual date, a random drink and a delicious bite in Casco Viejo offering stunning views and a good atmosphere at affordable prices.

There is rarely a place that can match the occasion itself! StorX is a rooftop with fantastic views over whole city and Panama bay with light music and speciality cocktails.

Situated in Casco Viejo, in the oldest district of Panama , Casa Antigua Hotel provides breathtaking views of Panama City and the surrounding bay.

The charm of Casco Viejo will add that special touch and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Location of StorX

StorX is reached by glass lift from Casa Antigua Hotel lobby.

Nestled on a cobblestoned street in Panama City’s storied Casco Viejo, Casa Antigua blends the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with the modern comforts and conveniences expected by today’s sophisticated travelers. Ultra-private yet located just minutes from the city’s most celebrated attractions, this intimate, European-style hotel is a favorite of frequent travelers to Panama’s capital city.

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