Visit Panama City – 500 years old

Panama City will celebrate 500 years of foundation on August 15, 2019 and it is the oldest city erected by the Spanish in the American Pacific.

As part of this celebration, the Commission of the 500th anniversary of the founding of Panama City and the Mayor of Panama with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched the activities “Years of founding of the city of Panama.”

Locals and visitors can enjoy a series of events aimed at the whole family in which, through different activities of art, culture and music, among others, you can know or remember all the facts of this story.

Visit Panama City Today

There are so many things to do while visit Panama City compared to all the capital cities in Central America (we are not including Mexico City here as it is a north American country) and many of the capitals in south America as well.

Panama Canal

If you do not visit the Panama Canal whilst in Panama then you must have a screw loose.

There are several ways to visit the Canal:

  • Miraflores Visitor Center is where you can watch ships pass through the locks, enjoy an informative film about the Canal, and visit an interesting museum about the canal, the environment and its history. The visitor center also has a good restaurant and a gift shop that will happily sell you a souvenir of your visit.
  • Take a full or partial transit of the Canal
  • Agua Clara Visitor Centre on the Atlantic side where you will find the famous Gatun Lake and great views of the Canal expansion

Panama Viejo

Panamá Viejo, also known as Panamá la Vieja, was the original Panama City. It has the distinction of being the oldest European settlement on the New World’s Pacific coast.

Casco Viejo (Casco Antiguo)

Casco, as it’s called locally, is now the historic district of a very modern Panama City. This beautiful and charming district is made for walking, a hot spot for Panamanians and tourists alike. In this small area of only 15 or so streets, there are at easily 25+ restaurants and 15+ bars, coffee shops and night clubs. There are also dozens of shops, galleries, museums, and of course, lots of Spanish colonial houses. Casco is one-of-a-kind thanks to all the street art and the colorfully-dressed Kuna Yala selling their brilliant, handmade molas.

Casa Antigua Hotel

Is situated on a cobblestoned street in Panama City’s storied Casco Viejo, Casa Antigua blends the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with the modern comforts and conveniences expected by today’s sophisticated travelers. Ultra-private yet located just minutes from the city’s most celebrated attractions, this intimate, European-style hotel is a favorite of frequent travelers to Panama’s capital city.

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