Do you know the benefits of dorm within a Hotel?

Opting to stay in a nice hostel rather than a hotel many change your entire trip experience. Travelers in hostels are frequently more interested in meeting other travelers. Hostel common areas encourage more lingering and socializing than hotel lobbies tend to do, that why dorm within a Hotel in Panama are important.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a low-budget accommodation shared among travelers. When a guest books a stay in a hostel, he or she typically books a bed for the night, not a room. The guest’s bed may be in a room with four other travelers, or in a room with up to twenty travelers.

Benefits of staying in a hostel:

  • Generally, the beds are cheaper as you do not get the extras that you get in hotel rooms such as telephones, irons, coffee machines, or hairdryers.
  • It is a great place to meet people
  • You will be able to book all your tours and get advice at the travel desk
  • Hostels are in the local neighborhood and are run by experienced travelers

Benefits of staying in a dorm within a Hotel in Panama:

  • The environment is generally nicer with better common areas, furniture and decoration
  • There are better dining options
  • There are better bars
  • It comes with a concierge service
  • The hotel will probably accept on-line payment using credit cards while many hostels do not
  • Hotels are generally located in better neighborhoods

The Hostel Rooms in Hotel Casa Antigua Casco Viejo Panama

You can receive all the benefits of a hotels and a hostel at Hotel Casa Antigua:

  • The hotel/hostel is located in absolutely the best location at the entrance to Casco Viejo not up some dark alleyway. The location is also more convenient for being dropped off and picked as as you do not have to navigate the narrow one-way streets in heavy traffic
  • The hotel/hostel has the best views in Casco Viejo, overlooking the new city and the bay of Panama
  • You can reserve your room on-line using credit cards
  • The hotel/hostel has its own travel agency for all your tours
  • Excellent food can be found at the street level Pips café which has outdoor seating for the best people watching in Casco Viejo
  • The StorX Sky Lounge has the best views on Casco Viejo
  • Discounted prices at Pips and StorX for residents
  • The ambience of Casa Antigua is much nicer than the standard hostels in the area
  • Choice of mixed or female only dorms

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