Best hotel to stay at in Casco Viejo

Deciding where to stay is not easy, especially in a place that you have not visited before. Thankfully we have you covered on places to stay in Old Town Panama.

Best area to stay in Panama City

First of all, you have to select which is the best area to stay in Panama City.

You have a lot of options on where to stay in Panama City:

  • You could choose a golf club such as Santa Maria or Tucan Country Club which are a little outside the centre
  • You could choose a beach resort such as Dreams Playa Bonita Panama or a rainforest resort like Gamboa
  • You could choose a large brand style hotel in the new town such as Marriot, Inter-Continental or Hilton
  • You could choose a hotel in the famous old town of Casco Viejo

Places to stay in Old Town Panama: Casco Viejo Overall Best Area to Stay in Panama

Panama City’s historic old town, known as Casco Viejo, is a Unesco World Heritage Site  and has many of the finest places to stay in Panama City as well as lots of things to do.

Casco Viejo offers just about everything you could want if you are on vacation.

It has many places to eat from fine dining to street food a range of accommodation from upscale luxury hotels to hostels, the best nightlife scene in Panama City with craft beer bars, cocktail bars, rooftop bars and nightclubs.

Everything is in walking distance and it is perfectly safe to walk at any time of day or night as it is patrolled by the friendly tourist police.

Panama City’s Best Attractions

There are many historic attractions to visit in Casco Viejo. These include:

  • The Panama Canal Museum
  • History Museum of Panama
  • Many churches – including Cathedral Metropolitana, Iglesia de San Jose and Iglesia de la Merced
  • Many squares – incuding Plaza de la Independencia, Plaza de Francia and Plaza Herrera

Best Location within the Old Town Panama

This must be Hotel Casa Antigua which is located at the entrance to the Old Town giving easy access to the business district, the Panama Canal and the Cinta Costera.

Nestled on a cobblestoned street in Panama City’s storied Casco Viejo, Casa Antigua blends the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with the modern comforts and conveniences expected by today’s sophisticated travelers. Ultra-private yet located just minutes from the city’s most celebrated attractions, this intimate, European-style hotel is a favorite of frequent travelers to Panama’s capital city.

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