Which Hotel to Choose in Panama Old Town?

Casco Viejo is a mix of restored colonial buildings that are now boutique hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants. However, unlike Cartagena in Colombia Casco Viejo is not yet complete and in between the refurbished buildings you can still find local families living in run down old houses. What is the difference between hotels in Casco Viejo Panama?

Hotels in Casco Viejo Panama

There really are some excellent hotels in Panama City Old Town so you will not be disappointed wherever you choose.

Hotel or Hostel?

While staying is hostel is often the choice of backpackers who are travelling on a budget and want to meet new friends along the way, hostels are now becoming more luxurious and even have private rooms.

Hotel Casa Antigua really is a boutique hotel but offers two shared rooms one of which is for women only. So at  Hotel Casa Antigua you can enjoy the lost cost with a chance to meet new friends while enjoying the luxuries of a boutique hotel!

Small or Large?

Traditionally hostels were quite small places but the Selina Hostel has changed all that with 300 beds!

There are several larger hotels in Casco Viejo Panama such as the American Trade Hotel and Hotel Central but most of the hotels are of a smaller boutique nature

Suite or Standard Room?

If you are planning to stay a longer time then you will probably want to use a hotel with a kitchen so that you can cut down on eating out costs. Both Hotel Casa Antigua and Las Clementinas provide cooking facilities

Cheap or Expensive

A room in a shared down will cost you about $20 at most hostels.

Most of the hotels hover around the $100 in the quiet season but you will find the American Trade Hotel a little bit more expensive

The new Sofitel will change the landscape completely and expect prices to be above $300 a night.


Casco Viejo is a pretty small place and you can walk the whole area in one hour (It will take you much longer as there are so many great things to do and see)

But the hotel with the best location by far is the Hotel Casa Antigua as it is located at the entrance to Casco Viejo which greatly reduces the travelling time through the narrow streets of Casco Viejo and is very close to the Cinta Costera where you can exercise and take in the fantastic views of the new city and the Bay of Panama.


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