Looking for a Old Town Hotel in Panama for Christmas?

Christmas and New Year is the best time to visit Panama City. There is virtually no ran and you are cooled by the northerly breazes.  Casa Antigua Hotel is the best Old Town Hotel Panama Christmas.

Virtually No Traffic

The areas outside of Panama City are known as the Interior even though most of these villages, towns and cities are on the coast.
During the festive season, many of the residents of Panama City return to join their family for the celebrations. Also, most of the businesses are closed down and their owners fly out of Panama to the Caribbean, Mexico or South America to enjoy a quiet time.
This results in virtually no traffic on the normally crowded streets of Panama City – making it very easy to get around to see the famous sites.

The Weather

Christmas and New Year normally signify the start of the Summer season in Panama. During the Panamanian Summer there is virtually no rainfall while you still can enjoy the rich greenery created by the Winter Season.
The Summer Dry Season will enable you to sit on the beach to get a great tan or travel to the many sites without the fear of getting drenched.

Religious Masses

The Panamanians are mostly Catholics and will attend the Masses in commemoration of the Nativity. This is a very moving experience and worth attending if Catholicism is not your faith.

Eating and Drinking

As most of the locals are either out of the city or celebrating with their families in their homes to wish each other Merry Christmas, while eating a large dinner of rice with chicken, baked ham, turkey and potato salad most of the restaurants are closed on New Years Day apart from in the tourist centre of Casco Viejo.

Where to Stay in Panama over Christmas

Unless you on business the best place to stay in Panama City all year around is Casco Viejo.
Apart from being the only district where most of the restaurants are open, you can sit in one of the many rooftop bars or street side cafes enjoying a drink while being cooled by the breezes.
At the Casa Antigua Hotel, we are the best hotel for Christmas in Panama, you can enjoy people watching from your balcony and look out over the Bay of Panama to see the giant ships waiting to transit the Canal, while being cooled down by the fresh wind from the comfort of your fully equipped suite with its own mini kitchen.

Book now in our Old Town Hotel Panama Christmas, Casa Antigua Hotel, or contact us.

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