Hotel for New Year Celebrations in Panama

Celebrating the New Year in Panama is a very good idea since, like many countries, a lot of the locals disappear from the capital city to their families in the Interior (anyone outside of Panama City) or leave to take a vacation in the Caribbean. Are you looking for hotel for New Year Celebrations in Panama?

Businesses is carried out on an essential only basis  leaving the city mostly clear of traffic so that it is easy to get about to visit the many interesting sites.

Also, the weather is almost certain to by dry as Panama is entering its Summer season, The summer season normally runs from mid-December to April when the winds blow from the North bringing a nice cool breeze.

New Years Eve in Panama City

For the locals that have remained in Panama City, you can basically split New Years Eve into two parts.

Up until midnight most of the people stay at home to celebrate the incoming new year with their family sharing long term customs and traditions by eating, drinking and singing.

However, once the clock strikes twelve the younger generations pour out onto the streets to have one long party. The first part of the party is to enjoy the brilliant fireworks display that will light up the whole of the City and Panama Bay.New Year Celebrations in Panama.

After the fireworks the most then head to the modern-day parties hosted by famous night clubs, discotheques, and bars in Casco Viejo. It is pretty important to make prior reservations to the most popular hotspots as it will be very difficult to gain entry otherwise.

New Year in Panama City for Tourists

Many of the larger hotels such as the Hard Rock, The Panama and The Hilton will host glamourous Ney Years Eve parties which will have a choice of all-inclusive options ranging from drinks only to full dinners with open bar. These parties will cost from $60 to $200 a head. If you intend to celebrate at one of these parties it is best to book accommodation at the hotel in question as taxis will be very expensive and hard to come by in the early hours of new-year day.

If you wish to celebrate the new year with the locals then it is best to head down to Casco Viejo.

You will not find a better place to stay than the Hotel Casa Antigua, a boutique, suite hotel which has three of the best venues in Panama City.

  • Skins – where you dance away to the best music in town
  • StorX – where you can enjoy the best views in Casco Viejo enjoying the ambience
  • PIPS- this is the place to recover in the morning enjoying a hearty breakfast while discussing the night before

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