How Easy Is It To Walk Around Panama City?

The answer is ‘very easy’ to walk around Panama City with the development of the Cinta Costera and the Amador Causeway. For the starting point of all the walks will be the entrance to Casco Viejo outside Casa Antigua Hotel. 

The problem is the heat and what time to do the walking.

Walk the Amador Causeway

Unless you are extremely energetic (or have hired a push bike) then it is unlikely that you will want to walk along the Causeway and back. So, you will have to choose which end you start.

You can start from the Biomuseo or from the end of the Causeway where there is duty free shopping.

We suggest that you start from the Biomuseo and then you can enjoy a well-earned drink at the end of the Causeway at one of the many restaurants and bars.

If you are felling very energetic then you can even walk to the Biomeseo from entrance to Casco Viejo using the Cinta Costera III, which is an amazing structure, and circles Casco Viejo.

During you walk you will see the massive ships passing under the Bridge of the Americas while starting or ending their transit through the Panama Canal.

We recommend starting this walk at about 4pm when the sun is starting to go down and get a taxi or Uber back after your long relaxing drink.

Walk around Panama City, Run or Cycle the Cinta Costera I and II

The Cinta Costera is a very popular place for locals and tourists alike.

In the morning, from 6am, you will find many locals getting in their daily exercise before work. While after 5pm you will find hundreds of people exercising or just strolling along enjoying the amazing views of the high -rise Avenida Balboa and the ships waiting in the Bay of Panama to transit the Panama Canal.

We suggest that you have a leisurely breakfast in your hotel and then head on the Cinta Costera at about 10am. It will not be too hot at this time but be careful to wear and hat and sunscreen.

At the end of your walk, you may find yourself visiting Paitilla or Punta Pacifica (two upmarket neighborhoods) where you can enjoy some excellent shopping – we recommend Multi Plaza – and lunches. 

Stroll Around Casco Viejo

Because you will be shaded from the sun (most of the time) it is possible to spend many hours strolling down the narrow streets visiting churches, museums and tourist shops without getting too hot or sunburnt. 

And if you are in need of a refreshment then then nearest café will only be a few steps away.

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