Which is the best Central America Capital City?

In this article we will review the highlights (or lowlights) of each capital City in Central America so you can find out which is the best Central America Capital City.

Read on the find out which one best suits you.

North America

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the greatest and most populated capital cities in the world.

Pros: Amazing history, culture museums, parks and food.

Cons: The traffic is absolutely horrendous.

Central America

Belize City

One of the smallest capital cities in the world. One hour here should suffice to see the British Colonial past.

Pros: Nicely renovated British Government buildings on the seafront.

Cons: Only one street worth visiting – the rest of the city is dirty and crowded.

Guatemala City

Unfortunately for Guatemala City, its old town is 90 minutes-drive away that is not common thing on Central America Cities.

Pros: None.

Cons: Dirty, unsafe city with not much to do.

San Salvador

San Salvador is only really worth visiting if you are passing through Central America or have a bucket list to visit every capital city.

Pros: Colonial area including the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Quite nice up the hill near the US Embassy.

Cons: Very dirty and not much to see do after one day.


Best known for its not very well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and drug gangs. It is safe near the good hotels.

Pros: Museo de la Identidad Nacional has a virtual three-dimensional presentation of life in Copan during the peak of its glory.

Cons: The old town is small, dirty and you are always looking over your shoulder.


Situated on the south shore of Lake Managua. Much of the city was destroyed in the 1972 earthquake.

Pros: The 1935 National Palace of Culture which houses the National Museum and trips on the lake.

Cons: Sprawling, dangerous, dirty with not much to do.

San José

Located in the hills at an altitude of 1100 metres, San Jose has a good climate and is pretty safe.

Pros: Cathedral built in 1871 and the national theatre, the Museo Nacional, stroll the Barrio Amon.

Cons: A large, spread out city with not really much to do. Really just a gateway to the rest of the country.

Panama City

Panama City is lucky to have its old town in the heart of the city where you can contrast it with the skyscrapers.

Pros: The partially renovated old town with great entertainment and sightseeing. The one and only Panama Canal.

Cons: Most of the year the traffic is terrible. Panama City is expensive compared to most of he rest of the region.

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