Best Restaurants in Panama City in 2020

You are certainly not short of options if you are looking to dine in Panama City in 2020. As well as many Panamanian restaurants you can find food from basically anywhere in the world.

This guide looks at top quality restaurants in the traditional areas of Panama City – Bella Vista and El Cangrejo. Next week we will look at the restaurants in Casco Viejo.


The restaurant was founded more than 20 years ago by Ángel Martínez, a Spaniard who emigrated from his homeland at an early age in search of new horizons, finding here his true passion: gastronomy. His bet is international and Spanish food with Panamanian brushstrokes. A classic, cozy and elegant that never goes out of style, that day by day surprises us with some new delight of seafood, fish and meat.

Angels is based in the Via Argentina part of Panama City and is busy every lunch and dinner with its well healed bunch of regulars who have been visiting the restaurant for years.

Siete Mares

Siete Mares is based in the El Cangrejo district of Panama City, quite close to Angels.

As the name suggests, Siete Mares specializes in sea food but is also a lounge bar with live pianist in the evening.

Just like Angels, Siete Mares has many regular customers who have been coming here for years to enjoy the top-class cuisine. 

The Service is good staff by very attentive staff.  

La Posta and The Market

These two restaurants were in different locations in the Calle Uruguay part of Bella Vista for many years, but the reconstruction of Calle Uruguay ended with the both closing down, as it was almost impossible to access the restaurants.

Now owner, David Hennessy, has reopened them both in the location of previous The Market.

The steaks and sea food in The Market are all freshly imported from the USA and are of the highest quality.

La Posta is known for its Italian fine dining experience in Panama City. If you want top Italian food with great service in Panama City then La Posta cannot be beaten.

Both restaurants share an excellent wine list and bar area. While you can pop outside if you fancy a smoke.

Gauchos Steak Panama

Opened in 1994 in Calle Uruguay (next door to where The Market now stands).  If you are looking for a flashy restaurant then don’t come to Gauchos.

If you looking for quality steaks and service at a very reasonable price, then this place is for you.

The car park is full every lunchtime with business men and every evening with a mixed crowd of locals and tourists.

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