Best Restaurants in Casco Viejo in 2020

Bao Dai

Bao Dai is an Asia fusion restaurant concept with a private VIP room and a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy drinks with a view of the city. The restaurant is located close to the entrance to the Old Town.

The restaurant covers four floors (including the rooftop) and servers a variety of Asian food, although we prefer the Chinese.

The place is tastefully decorated and the service courteous.

On the well appointed rooftop,there is a good selection of cocktails and nice relaxing music.


Tomillo is built among the ruins of an old building in the Old Town and has a unique style. The restaurant comprises four floors, including a rooftop bar, a hollowed-out courtyard at the back of the building.

The food offers amongst the best gastronomic experience of the city. The Panamanian Chef Felipe Milanés, Tomillo Panama has a kitchen inspired by purely national products.

The main concept is to share food tapas style, but not only Spanish food but from classical dishes around the world with a modern twist to them.

Ocho y Medio

Ocho y Medio is a stunning restaurant with a wide range of options on the menu that even the the pickiest of eaters can find something to enjoy.

While the dining room at Ocho y Medio is comfortable and stylish, the courtyard in back is the hidden gem. With strings of outdoor lights and lush landscaping.

The restaurant offers a unique international culinary experience with fusion food using local ingredients.


Chef Martino Pace, drawing on his experience cooking in Italy, and Executive Chef of the Tantalo Group, Pierre de Janon, have united their creativity to provide a unique gastronomic adventure. Caliope also offers New York City style artisanal cocktails and an eclectic wine list. 

Caliope is not easy to find as it is located at the top of the Teatro Amador nightclub where there are often large lines of people waiting to get in. The entrance door is in the left hand side of the building.

It is best to make a reservation at Caliope as it has a strict booking policy and has a limited number of tables for walk-in customers, keep this in mind if you want to dine on Caliope while staying in Casco Viejo Panama in 2020.


Lessep’s is a traditional French bistro, celebrating Joie de Vivre in the heart of Casco Viejo.

Lessep´s opened in the summer of 2017. The bustling, romantic bistro serves timeless classical Parisian fares, generous, the bistro cuisine’s soul hasn´t changed, since grand mother´s time.

​Beautifully remodeled, in the style of the classic French bistros, 

The menu has the all time favorites like the eggs benedictine and the croquet monsieur, but you also have great options a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Casa Antigua Hotel is conveniently located at the entrance of Old Town Panama. If you are planning to visit Casco Viejo Panama in 2020, book now!