Sports activities to participant in Panama


Panama has become one of the world’s very top destinations for saltwater fishermen. These are the reasons (mostly applicable to the Pacific Ocean but good fishing is available in the Caribbean as well).

  • Great Variety of Game Fish
  • It is possible to catch a Trophy Fish
  • Productive Coastal Waters, Islands and Seamounts
  • Calm Waters
  • Ease of Entry and Access
  • Profusion of Coastal Fishing Resorts


Panama’s most accessible surfing spots are along the Pacific coast and in Bocas del Toro (on the Caribbean side).  The surf spots range from beginner expert level waves.

  • Santa Catalina is suitable for beginners and experts with all round surfing
  • Playa Venao is becoming one of Panama’s most notable surf spots and is busy at the weekends.
  • Playa Paunch is one of the best-known surf spots in the Bocas del Toro archipelago
  • Playa Bluff is on a long beach at the end of Colón Island in Bocas del Toro
  • Silverbacks is set off Bastimentos Island, is is one of Bocas’ most famous surf breaks


Panama has several top golf cources. It is advised to start your round as early as possible to avoid the heat and thunderstorms that typically occur in the afternoons. Note that during the dry season (summer), which lasts from January  to April, there is little chance of rain and cool winds from the north.

  • The Club de Golf de Panama, which has hosted PGA Tour Events is located in Cerro Viento, Panama.
  • Buenaventura Golf Club is located as part of the JW Marriott Resort is known for its water features and flat terrain
  • Vista Mar Golf & Beach Resort has spectacular views of the mountains and the sea, is located just over an hour away from Panama City near San Carlos
  • Tucan Country Club & Resort is located just over the Bridge of Americas, just 15 minutes outside of Panama City.
  • Summit Golf Club is near the Panama Canal and borders the Camino de Cruces National Park rainforest
  • BlueBay Coronado Golf and Beach Resort is a difficult course located in Coronado, an hour away from Panama City
  • Santa María Golf & Country Club is the newest course in Panama, and  is located halfway between the heart of Panama and Tocumen Airport


Panama has one of the largest varieties of birdwatching in the world. Panama has just over 1,000 species recorded, 11 of them are National endemics, and around 107 species are Regional endemics.

The best areas are within one hour of Panama City, including the Discovery Center’s Canopy Observation Tower, Pipeline Road, Plantation Road, Summit Ponds, Old Gamboa Road, Semaphore Hill, Ammo Dump, Achiote Road, and Metropolitan Park.

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