Where to go shopping in Panama City in 2020?

We believe the Panama City offers the best shopping opportunities of any city in Latin America. There are several top-class malls in Panama City that you can find many world-class brands.

Panama even has its own Black Weekend, which is normally scheduled for the middle of September. At this time, people fly in from the whole of Latin America to snap up bargains.

Another good time to get a large discount is the ‘13th month salary payments. In Panama, employees get an extra-months’ pay which is split between the months of April, August and December. Many of the stores offer large sales at this time to entice their customers who have hundreds of dollars more to spend.

What are the best malls in Panama City?

Multiplaza Mall

Multiplaza is based in the San Franscisco district and is an upscale shopping mall of more than 150 stores, 50 name-brand shops, 30 restaurants and a cinema complex.

Multiplaza is only two miles away from the centre if Panama City, but can take a long time to reach in evening rush hour, so be careful you choose a good time to visit.

Albrook Mall

Allbrook Mall is the largest and most popular shopping mall in Panama City. It is located in Albrook and is connected to the Albrook Bus Terminal which servers the whole of Panama, as well as Panama City.

You will not find the designer shops here but you will see how the masses shop for their everyday needs

As well as hundreds of shops there is a popular bowling alley and a large cinema. Albrook Mall is a $5 taxi or uber ride which will take about 10 minutes to reach in non-rush hour traffic.

MultiCentro Mall – Megápolis Outlets Panamá

MultiCentro is located in the heart of the city in Punta Paitilla very close to Avenida Balboa. It also has a footbridge connection to the Hard Rock Hotel.

MultiCentro mall has just recently undergone a renovation and now provides for more top shopping opportunities.

As well as the shops and restaurants, MultiCentro also is home to cinemas and a casino.

Soho Mall

Soho Mall is a deluxe shopping mall, strategically located in Calle 50 – the financial hub of Panama City. It Opened in 2016, with over 120 stores on four different levels, with internationally famous brands, a fitness centre, many restaurants and a luxury cinema.

Unfortunately, Soho Mall got caught up in the Waked money laundering scandal and many stores had to close. It has now been taken over by new owners and the stores are beginning to reopen.

There are several other top quality shopping malls in Panama City such as AltaPlaza, Atrio Mall, Town Center and Ocean Mall but these are situated a little bit further away from the centre of the city.

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