Best Hostel in Panama City

What separates Hostel Casa Antigua from other hostel in Panama City? Each travelers perception of their ideal hostel will depend on how much travelling have they done , where have they travelled and their age. Hostels not only differ from country to country and city to city, but within cities themselves.  A Real Bar –With

Panama City and Beach Vacation

If you have flown into Panama whether it is from Europe, North or South America then you probably want to spend at least a week in the country to justify the time to get here. How to mix visit Panama City and Beach Vacation? You could spend the whole week in Panama City taking day

Best Hostel Old Town in Panama City

We are a hostel within a boutique hotel in the heart of the old town with a good atmosphere where you will find other travelers with whom you can share your experiences. We just have two dormitories – one shared and one for ladies only, in our cozy hostel old town Panama City. A friendly smile

Looking for a boutique hotel in old town Panama?

Creating a carefully crafted design that tells a strong story is important for both the interior and exterior of a boutique hotel. You will find this at Hotel Casa Antigua, boutique hotel in old town Panama, which blends in with the surrounding iconic architecture. Hotel Casa Antigua creates a sense of uniqueness and identity in

Best hotel to stay at in Casco Viejo

Deciding where to stay is not easy, especially in a place that you have not visited before. Thankfully we have you covered on places to stay in Old Town Panama. Best area to stay in Panama City First of all, you have to select which is the best area to stay in Panama City. You

Visit Casco Viejo In Panama

Location, Location, Location: Panama city old town hotel Casa Antigua Panama is the best located hotel in Panama City. Panama city old town hotel is located at the entrance to Casco Viejo, which was was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, Hotel Casa Antigua has the following location advantages: Located in a very safe