Where To Play Golf in Panama?

We are now into the dry season (summer) in Panama where there is a low likelihood of rain, combined with cooling winds from the north. This is the ideal time for a round of golf in Panama and there are nine golf courses in Panama in total: 4 in and around Panama City. 4 on

Sports activities to participant in Panama

Fishing Panama has become one of the world’s very top destinations for saltwater fishermen. These are the reasons (mostly applicable to the Pacific Ocean but good fishing is available in the Caribbean as well). Great Variety of Game Fish It is possible to catch a Trophy Fish Productive Coastal Waters, Islands and Seamounts Calm Waters

Sports Activities To Watch in Panama

There are a wide range of sports activities in Panama to play or watch. We have a two-part guide to find out there to go for the best opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport. Baseball in Panama Baseball is Panama’s official national sport. There are twelve teams in the national league, and the season runs

Best Restaurants in Casco Viejo in 2020

Bao Dai Bao Dai is an Asia fusion restaurant concept with a private VIP room and a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy drinks with a view of the city. The restaurant is located close to the entrance to the Old Town. The restaurant covers four floors (including the rooftop) and servers a variety

Best Restaurants in Panama City in 2020

You are certainly not short of options if you are looking to dine in Panama City in 2020. As well as many Panamanian restaurants you can find food from basically anywhere in the world. This guide looks at top quality restaurants in the traditional areas of Panama City – Bella Vista and El Cangrejo. Next

Best Ways to Visit The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the best man-made industrial feats of the 20th century and must be on everyone’s bucket list. There are several ways to visit the Panama Canal. Which one is best for you? Visit The Miraflores Visitor Center The most traditional way to visit the Panama Canal is going to the Miraflores Visitor