Discover the best boutique hotel in Panama City

There are many hotels in Panama that claim to be boutique hotels but are not really. Find out how Casa Antigua Hotel really is a boutique hotel in Panama City. Defining Characteristics of a Boutique Hotel in Panama City It is small. Casa Antigua Hotel only has 9 rooms. It has a strong personality. Hotel’s intimate size

When to stay in a hotel in Casco Antiguo

Panama is home to an incredible selection of places to stay, including modern large city hotels, hostels, beach hotels and boutique hotels. However, the guest will get the most out of the city by staying in a hotel in Casco Antiguo, Panama. Hotel in Casco Antiguo, Panama – the best place to stay Casco Antiguo,

Adventurous things to do in Panama City over the Festive Season

Here is a list of adventurous things to do in Panama City over the Festive Season: Walk or bike the Amador Causeway At the edge of the Panama Canal is the Amador Causeway. Created with the scrap materials from digging the canal, the causeway connects a series of four islands to the mainland. Near the

Active things to do in Panama City during the holiday season

Two of the great things about Panama City during the holiday season are: The weather is generally perfect with little chance of rain Main residents of the city have headed off to the Interior for their vactions making the roads very clear Walk, run, cycle, skateboard along the Cinta Costera, Panama City during the holiday

Spend the festive season 2018 in Panama

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a trip away, a special dinner or your best New Year’s Eve yet. Experience the vibrance of a Latin America holiday season in Panama, the country that joins together North and South America as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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