Coming soon in Amador Convention Centre

After many delays, the Amador Convention Centre will this month open for business. Giving Panama, at the hub of the Americas, a truly world class center for recreational and commercial events. Casa Antigua Hotel is near Amador Convention Centre.

Space Available

It is located very close to the entrance of the Panama Canal and the Biomuseo, offering splendid views, the work with an investment of 193.7 million dollars, has a unique, avant-garde, functional design, with modern decoration and the latest technology for congresses and conventions.

The complex consists of 3 buildings connected by conditioned corridors and roofs that will allow the realization of events of great magnitude using the totality of 30,000 m2 dedicated to the exhibition area, with a capacity of 25,000 people, standing out as the largest and most complete convention center in Central America.

Its minimalist and functional design includes 3 rooms for fairs and exhibitions totaling a total exhibition area of ​​15,000 m2, divisible into three large rooms, four areas of 2,300 m2 meeting rooms divisible into 16 meeting rooms, 4000 banquet hall m2 divisible into three small rooms, with comfortable areas of management, rest, loading of goods, a large central lobby, pre-function areas with 12,000 m2 and parking for 1,716 automobiles and 30 buses.

Upcoming Events at the Amador Convention Centre

The following concerts are scheduled for the Amador Convention Centre in the next few months and you can be sure that there will be a raft of world famous acts:

  • Sat, Aug 17 9:00 PM Don Omar en El Choli Se Muda a Panama City
  • Thu, Aug 29 9:00 PM Chayanne
  • Sat, Aug 14 5:00 PM LA TIERRA DEL PARKIN
  • Thu, Sep 19 9:00 PM MORAT
  • Thu, Oct 31 REO Speedwagon

In addition to concerts there will be many domestic and international trade fairs, conventions and meetings held in the facility.

Where to stay in Panama?

There are not many hotels really close to Amador Convention Centre, with the 3 star Radisson probably being the closest.

So, visitors to the Amador Convention Centre, whether for business or pleasure, will have two main choices:

  • The new city with its range of top-class chain hotels including the Waldorf, Marriott, Inter-Continental or Hilton
  • The Unesco rated old town with its range of charming boutique hotels

Casco Viejo Hotels

If you only have a few days in Panama City – then the place to stay is Casco Viejo.

Casco Viejo is the historic district and cultural gem of Panama City. The old town was established around 1673 by the Spanish colonialists, the Catholic Church, and other settlers. As well as the historical attractions, it is the center of nightlife in Panama City with many top-quality restaurants and bars.

Casa Antigua Hotel Panama

The only downside of Casco Viejo is the slow-moving traffic through the cobbled streets.

If you want to avoid this problem stay at the Casa Antigua Panama which is the best located hotel in Panama City. The hotel is located at the entrance to Casco Viejo, has the following location advantages:

  • Located in a very safe part of the old town, just a few minutes’ walk to all of the attractions.
  • A minute walk to the Cinta Costera – the amazing 5km costal strip in Panama City.
  • No need to travel all the way through the old town when taking a taxi to the many amazing sights in Panama City.

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American Trade Hotel Compared to Hotel Casa Antigua

We would like to use this blog to compare two very different boutique hotels in the Old Town of Panama City: American Trade Hotel and Hotel Casa Antigua

Elegance and Style

Both are luxury hotels and events space combining old world elegance with clean, current design.  Both hotels occupy beautifully restored buildings.


Both hotels are located in the most desirable area in Panama City.  Casco Viejo is a UNESCO World Heritage site offering the best attractions, dining and nightlife combined with an authentic Panamanian cultural experience.

The American Trade Hotel is located in the centre of Casco Viejo with the Plaza Herrera on one side and Avenida Central on the other while Hotel Casa Antigua is located at the entrance of Casco Viejo.

While Hotel Casa Antigua is easier to get into and out of as it is located at the entrance of the old town so avoiding slow progress through the busy narrow streets.


Now this is where the big differences start to come in.

Hotel Casa Antigua has only 8 rooms which are really suites including kitchens while the American Trade Hotel has 50 well appointed rooms.

Social Facilities

Both hotels offer very popular social meeting places.

The American Trade Hotel offers a fine dining restaurant, the stylish Unido Café and Danilo’s Jazz Club, featuring live entertainment. Also the American Trade Hall has excellent event space ideal for weddings, social exchanges, and corporate events.

Hotel Casa Antigua takes a different approach with a very popular café bar called Pips which is ideal for people watching, a small nightclub called ? and the  rooftop bar with the best views in casco Viejo named StorX. StorX is also excellent for private event hire.


The American Trade Hotel is twice as expensive than the Hotel Casa Antigua but is a much larger, more glamourous hotel. 

We hope that you have found this review useful.

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Which Hotel to Choose in Panama Old Town?

Casco Viejo is a mix of restored colonial buildings that are now boutique hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants. However, unlike Cartagena in Colombia Casco Viejo is not yet complete and in between the refurbished buildings you can still find local families living in run down old houses. What is the difference between hotels in Casco Viejo Panama?

Hotels in Casco Viejo Panama

There really are some excellent hotels in Panama City Old Town so you will not be disappointed wherever you choose.

Hotel or Hostel?

While staying is hostel is often the choice of backpackers who are travelling on a budget and want to meet new friends along the way, hostels are now becoming more luxurious and even have private rooms.

Hotel Casa Antigua really is a boutique hotel but offers two shared rooms one of which is for women only. So at  Hotel Casa Antigua you can enjoy the lost cost with a chance to meet new friends while enjoying the luxuries of a boutique hotel!

Small or Large?

Traditionally hostels were quite small places but the Selina Hostel has changed all that with 300 beds!

There are several larger hotels in Casco Viejo Panama such as the American Trade Hotel and Hotel Central but most of the hotels are of a smaller boutique nature

Suite or Standard Room?

If you are planning to stay a longer time then you will probably want to use a hotel with a kitchen so that you can cut down on eating out costs. Both Hotel Casa Antigua and Las Clementinas provide cooking facilities

Cheap or Expensive

A room in a shared down will cost you about $20 at most hostels.

Most of the hotels hover around the $100 in the quiet season but you will find the American Trade Hotel a little bit more expensive

The new Sofitel will change the landscape completely and expect prices to be above $300 a night.


Casco Viejo is a pretty small place and you can walk the whole area in one hour (It will take you much longer as there are so many great things to do and see)

But the hotel with the best location by far is the Hotel Casa Antigua as it is located at the entrance to Casco Viejo which greatly reduces the travelling time through the narrow streets of Casco Viejo and is very close to the Cinta Costera where you can exercise and take in the fantastic views of the new city and the Bay of Panama.


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Best Hostel in Panama City

What separates Hostel Casa Antigua from other hostel in Panama City?

Each travelers perception of their ideal hostel will depend on how much travelling have they done , where have they travelled and their age.

Hostels not only differ from country to country and city to city, but within cities themselves. 

A Real Bar –With A Good Choice Of Drinks

Casa Antigua Hotel has two bars that completely complement each other each has an excellent choice of drinks. 

Pips Terrace Cafe & Gastro Pub

Pips is located on the ground floor and is very popular for breakfast and lunch as well as showing the big European and USA football matches.

Capturing the essence of Panama City’s pulse-quickening tropical vibe, Pips Terrace Cafe & Gastro Pub is all things to all people. By day, guests of all ages gather beneath broad umbrellas to enjoy fresh salads, pizzas and perfectly cooked burgers on Pips Café’s sunny terraced sidewalk. By night, the atmosphere shifts into high gear, as stylish young crowds spill from the cafe’s broad French doors, enjoying music, sipping cocktails and dancing in the streets. 

StorX Sky Lounge

StorX is a rooftop with fantastic views over whole city and Panama bay with light music and speciality cocktails. Situated in Casco Viejo, in the oldest district of Panama , Casa Antigua Hotel provides breathtaking views of Panama City and the surrounding bay. The charm of Casco Viejo will add that special touch and ensure an unforgettable experience. Reached by glass lift from Casa Antigua Hotel lobby.

A Good Breakfast

You find find one of the best breakfasts in the whole of Panama City – including a full English if you need some energy after a big night out.

Free WiFi

Within each area of the hostel you will have access to free WIFI:

Staff That Actually Care – Hostel in Panama City

Our hostel is part of the boutique Casa Antigua Hotel with only 8 rooms. So our staff, from reception to bar to travel agency, get to know each and every client very well and give a  real personal service.

Our staff are super friendly, helpful with local information, and willing to give you all the time that you need. 

Location, Location, Location

This is where Hostel Casa Antigua real excels. Located at the entrance to Casco Viejo

  • It allows easy access to all the things to do in Casco Viejo
  • It is two minutes away from the Cinta Costera where you can exercise and take in the great views of the new city and the ships waiting to transit the Panama Canal
  • You can go to explore Panama City without having to take a taxi through the winding streets of Casco Viejo which can sometimes take an age 

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Panama City and Beach Vacation

If you have flown into Panama whether it is from Europe, North or South America then you probably want to spend at least a week in the country to justify the time to get here. How to mix visit Panama City and Beach Vacation?

You could spend the whole week in Panama City taking day trips to the Pearl Islands, El Valle, the Panama Canal or the Atlantic cost to visit Portobello but all this sounds a bit to hectic.

So, the wise choice would be a combination of City and Beach accommodation as nothing beats ending a culture-rich trip than with a relaxing few days of sun, sand and sea.

In Panama City you can have a city break packed with amazing interesting sights, trendy bars and chic hotels and then transfer up the Pacific coast to have some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Panama City Old Town

Although there are some excellent hotels in the new city such as the JW, Waldorf Astoria, The Bristol, the Hilton, the Miramar Inter-continental and the Hard Rock (to name a few) if you only have a few days it is better to stay in the Old Town where you can immerse yourself in Colonial culture and take day trips to the Panama Canal, Amador causeway and Panamá Viejo.

If you are looking for something a little different take a look at the Hotel Casa Antigua which is nestled on a cobblestoned street in Panama City’s storied Casco Viejo.

Casa Antigua blends the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with the modern comforts and conveniences expected by today’s sophisticated travelers. Ultra-private yet located just minutes from the city’s most celebrated attractions, this intimate, European-style hotel is a favorite of frequent travelers to Panama’s capital city.

Pacific Coast

There are about half a dozen hotels within 2 hours drive of Panama City along the Pan-American highway. This journey starts with a trip across the Bridge of the Americas where you can see mighty ships entering or leaving the Panama Canal.

Many of the hotels are all-inclusive and of a 3 or 4 star standard but there is one resort that stands out. 

It is the Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort ,where you have the chance to stay in the Buenaventura Hotel which is part of the Marriott Autograph Collection or rent one of the tasteful villas or apartments (all featuring private balconies) that are built on the beautiful property with five separate pools just steps from the beach.

At Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort you will be close to nice beaches such as Playa Blanca and El Faro beach with activities from hiking to four-wheel driving tours available.

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Suite Hotels

Typically conveying a positive connotation, suite hotels or all-suite hotels are those properties that offer only suites, which have more living space and amenities than standard hotel rooms. While having a larger, more complete room will make your stay extra comfortable, there are some downsides to suite hotels. We are the best suite hotel Casco Viejo Panama, because most of the rooms at Hotel Casa Antigua are suites with private kitchens.


Suite hotels vary in size and class, but all offer suites exclusively. Suites typically separate the bedroom and living room areas, as opposed to hotel rooms, which combine everything into a single room. The living room and bedroom are built into one expanded space.


The most obvious advantage of a suite hotel is extra space. This is particularly helpful when traveling with two or more people for an extended period of time. If you’ve ever spent a few days in a standard hotel room with a quirky friend, you know how valuable a little extra space can be. Our suites are no more expensive than hotel rooms and they’re certainly cheaper than larger options with similar amenities, such as apartments and condos.

For people who like to keep cold drinks or some snacks nearby, our suite rooms have a coffee maker, small fridge and a microwave. Travelers can reduce their food costs by buying groceries or reheating leftovers.


Suites tend to be more expensive than hotel rooms but for Hotel Casa Antigua this is not the case.

The suites at Hotel Casa Antigua come with full maid service every day.

Our Hotel – Suite hotel Casco Viejo Panama

Nestled on a cobblestoned street in Panama City’s storied Casco Viejo, Casa Antigua blends the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with the modern comforts and conveniences expected by today’s sophisticated travelers. Ultra-private yet located just minutes from the city’s most celebrated attractions, this intimate, European-style hotel is a favorite of frequent travelers to Panama’s capital city.

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