Tourists will encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in the U.S. and Canada. Always exercise caution when driving an automobile. Roads are often not well-maintained and drivers may simply not use signal lights. Also, keep in mind that insurance is not a requirement in Panama. Many of the North American rental car agencies are represented in Panama.


Taxis in Panama are abundant and may be signaled from the middle of town, taxi stands, or scheduled in advance. Fares in Panama City are determined by zones rather than meters. Fares are generally reasonable, making this a good option for traveling and getting around in Panama City.

Buses around in Panama City

Buses service all accessible areas in Panama. There is a main terminal in Panama City which services the country’s destinations.
Also, urban buses are available in Panama City and charge a flat rate upon boarding the bus. These buses are generally painted in bright colors and are essentially recycled school buses.

Around in Panama City


Travel by boat is another option to getting around in Panama City, for a few destinations, including the San Blas Islands.

Trains – Metro

Train travel through the country is no longer offered though there is a tourist train available along the Panama Canal. The train goes out to Colon in the morning and return to Panama City in the late afternoon.
There is a Metro (subway) system in operation in Panama City. It is a clean and economical way to travel through the city.
A rechargeable Metro fare cards can be purchased from automated machines in some stations, this cards also can be used on the Metro buses. There are two types of cards: white/blue and green/orange. The first one can be used to Metro and Metro buses, and the second one can be also used in the international bus station by bus.