Car Hire

Getting around in Panama, tourists will encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in developed countries. Always exercise caution when driving as roads are often not well-maintained and drivers may simply not use signal lights. Be sure to check what insurance coverage that you are getting.

Many of the International rental car agencies are represented in Panama.

Gas prices are more in line with the USA than Europe.

Taxis and Uber


Taxis in Panama are abundant and may be signaled from the middle of town, taxi stands, or scheduled in advance. Fares in Panama City are determined by zones rather than meters. Fares are generally reasonable, making this a good option for traveling through the city.

Taxi from Tocuman International Airport to Panama City centre costs around $30


Uber is the best way getting around in Panama City because of its modern cars, safety and clear pricing model.

It is possible to get an Uber from Tocumen International airport but the Uber cars will pick you up at a designated spot in the car park not at the airport terminal itself.

around in panama
moverse en Panamá


Buses service all accessible areas in Panama. There is a main terminal in Panama City which services the country’s destinations.

Boats / Ferry

Travel by boat is another option to a few destinations in Panama, including the San Blas Islands.

There is also two regular ferry services to Contadora in the Pearl Islands

Train / Metro

There is a scenic tourist train available along the Panama Canal which runs twice a day. The main issues with this train is that you need to be collected by a taxi, friend or tourist friend when you get to Colon and that the return train does not depart until late in the day.

Panama City is the first country in central America to have a metro system. At the moment there is only one line but a second is due to open in 2019 with a grand plan for many more lines in future years.

The metro is fast, safe and cheap.


Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert” International Airport is a public airport located 1.5 km west of the center of Panama City, in the Panamá Province of Panama. It is located on the site of the former Albrook Air Force Station.

It is possible to fly to many domestic destinations from this airport including David (for Boquete, Bocas del Tora and the Pearl Islands.

Copa Air also fly from Tocuman to David.