The unique location of the hotel at the entrance to Casco Viejo will make your stay much more convenient and flexible. There are hundreds of thing to do while staying at Casa Antigua Hotel.

Arrival from hotel and tours

One of the many charms of Casco Viejo are its narrow streets which are ideal for walking but can get very congested by traffic. Upon arrival in Casco Viejo it sometimes can take 15 minutes to reach your hotel.
This will not be an issue staying at Casa Antigua Hotel as it is located right at the entrance to Casco Viejo and you will be in your fabulous suite in a minute!

hospedarse en Casa Antigua Hotel

Casco Viejo

You will start living the Casco Viejo experience as soon as you leave the hotel.
The neighborhood’s rich and sordid history dates back centuries and a sharp eye can still find vestiges of every phase of growth on display.
From the original colonial wall, to beautiful Art Deco building facades to the excellent Canal Museum, experiencing everything this neighborhood has to offer can take days even though its all packed neatly into only a few squares blocks. So drop the map, get your camera, and spend some quality time wandering the vibrant streets.

Cinta Costera

The Cinta Costera is THE place to get your gear on in Panama City. The Cinta is the city’s new beautiful waterfront boulevard, loved by all ages (and all fitness and energy levels) and the scene for some of the best parties in town, from Carnival to Pride Parade.

Jog, roller-blade or cycle – you’ll be doing it looking right out to the Pacific, all the way from Paitilla to Amador. There’s something for everyone on the Cinta: 9km of palm-tree lined wide trails and bike lanes await the fast, the furious, and the slow (ie: strollers too).